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After tens of thousands of customers all over the world we have found feedback that those who stick with Declinol for at least a few months have the best success. They did it, so can you!
Declinol Maximum Clinical Subscription

A 30-day supply of our maximum clinical strength formulation originally designed for doctors and clinics.

$199.00 / Month
NORMALLY $269. Save 26% by Subscribing!
  • 30 day supply of Long-Acting Maximum Clinical Strength Declinol Capsules
  • 2 Craving Sprayers
Declinol Extra Strength Subscription

A 30-day version of our powerful ingredients condensed in capsule form. Contains a 30-day supply of dry active ingredients.

$98.99 / Month
NORMALLY $149. Save 34% by Subscribing!
  • 1 Craving Sprayer
  • Dry ingredient blend with Vegetarian capsules
  • Health and Wellness Vitamin/Mineral supplement blend
Declinol Sprayer

Perfect for those who regret drinking “one too many” at Happy Hour or social events or who have a light or occasional drinking issue and want to cut back.

$69.99 / Month
NORMALLY $99. Save 31% by Subscribing!
  • 1 Craving Sprayer

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